Truck Washing

Why Fleet Truck Washing is so important FOR YOUR BUSINESS

Not only is Fleet Truck Washing so important for the presentation of vehicles and your company brand, it is a vital component to increase the longevity of each vehicles life span.
It assists mechanics by creating a clean workable area as well as drivers to notice any mechanical defects before it can cause a much larger and even dangerous situation.

Why choose Crystal Blue Power Wash with your Fleet

We understand transport rosters are unique, so we work with you and schedule our Truck Fleet Washing service at your depot (wash bay required) any day of the week at a time that causes minimal disturbance to your business.
Combined our team has over 30 years of truck driving experience, with staff holding either a MC or HR licence.
We use a biodegradable soap that not only looks after your fleet, but also the environment. Our first class equipment allows us to wash trucks efficiently without compromising quality, allowing the least amount of down time for your vehicles with shiny results!

our range of fleet truck washing services

Any unique machine or truck.
Small or large fleets.
We come to you at a time that suites you!

Fleet Truck Washing

Fleet Truck Washing

From 5 trucks to 100, no fleet is too big or too small. Our team is efficient, experienced and pay attention to detail to keep the presentation of your fleet at its best.

Heavy Machine Washing


Machines usually get used in the most messy areas and cleaned the least! We are experienced in cleaning a range of machinery.

Truck Underbody Clean


Underbody machine and truck cleaning is vital to maintain longevity of its efficiency as well as assists mechanics to located and fix any defects

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